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Portfolio Category: Handicraft

Coconut shell

Carving Coconut shell is very difficult and only highly skilled craftsmen painstakingly can make art products out of coconut shell due to its hardness. The range Coconut Shell Handicrafts include coconut shell jewelries, ice-cream cups, key chains, coconut shell boxes, dessert bowls, candle holders, flower vase, finger bowls, coconut shell purses, table lamp, ashtray, and...
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Water Hyacinth

Water hyacinth (The scientific name: Eichhornia crassipes) is a species of aquatic plants, herbaceous, live in the water. Water hyacinth plant grows about 30 cm high with round shaped leaves, green, glossy and smooth surface. With flowering purple, blue dots, yellow petals on the first burn. Water hyacinth plant reproduce so fast it's easy to clog lakes,...
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Products of Embroidery Sewing Cooperative Kim Chi is very rich in many categories such as embroidery, hand towels, tablecloths, sheets, pillows, bags, keychains, greeting spring card,... the product is consumed in the domestic market and exported to many countries such as France, Germany, United States,......
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