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Mountain Mist Tea, Wild White Tea

MMTMountain Mist Tea, Wild White Tea from Suoi Giang, Yen Bai Province

The swirling mists that envelope the high mountain paths somehow seems to be befitting to this delicate and light White Tea.

Harvested from the wild tea trees growing at over 1200 metres and harvested by hill tribes who climb high into the trees to find the beautiful silver tipped buds required for the best white tea. Legend dictates that the tips must only be picked during the early morning hours and although we cannot attest that this is always the case we know that the hill tribes are up and about at daybreak.

However, it is the lingering mists that bringing eternal shade that endow unique flavours to the young leaves by slowing the rate of growth and allowing the character to develop.

White tea is the most lightly processed of teas but requires traditional skills and techniques to produce this wonderfully natural, pure and fresh drink. After an initial short withering period the leaves are dried before treated to a closely guarded rolling process to maintain the unique needle shape.

Due to the careful selection of the single leaf buds and its minimal processing, white tea has the highest anti-oxidant levels of any tea making it a popular choice for the health conscious tea drinker.

Mountain Mist Tea is available to drink in our Tea House or to buy in our elegant packaging at a price of VND299,000 for a 90g box (equivalent to VND332,000 per 100g).


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