Corn silk Tea

Corn has been growing in North America for thousands of years, and spread over time to Europe and South America, where it now grows in abundance. Long used as a food source, it’s rich in natural sugars as well as vitamins and minerals and has become a strong, staple, ingredient in the western diet. The stigmas of the plant, also known as the silk, have been used in different medicinal ways, while the kernels are eaten as a food source. Although we typically only pay attention to the kernels of the corn plant, Native Americans commonly used the corn silk of the plant as a remedy for various heart problems, malaria, and urinary tract infections.
Function: Corn silk tea used as a remedy for various heart problems, malaria, and urinary tract infections.
The main use of corn silk tea in a medicinal sense in modern times is still for any problems related to the urinary tract. Drinking corn silk tea can be an effective way to detoxify the body if you are suffering from urinary infections. The antiseptic qualities that can be found in this particular tea have shown to be successful in reducing pains and toxins in the kidneys and bladder. Furthermore, it can help the body by keeping it from retaining as much water, which helps to flush out a weak system. What’s even better about this tea is that not only can it help ease and rid the body of urinary infections, it also helps to prevent further infection in the future.
Studies have proven that drinking corn silk tea can be a good way to ease the discomfort and pain of gout and arthritis. Drinking it will help to lower the acid levels in your body, which in turn can also help relieve the aches related to arthritis. Furthermore, other studies have shown that it may also have a use for other joint disorders as well.
Preparation: To prepare corn silk tea, take one bag and allow it to boil in a cup of water for approximately 10 minutes. Sweeten with sugar or honey if desired. It is advisable to drink this tea at least three times a day, especially if it is being used to treat urinary infections. If you are currently taking any medications, contact your physician prior to drinking corn silk tea.

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