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Autumn Jade. Jasmine Tea

AT3AT2Our Autumn Jade Jasmine Tea is a good Thai Nguyen Green Tea that has been skilfully mixed, in Hanoi, with real jasmine flowers over several days and nights.

The ability of tea to absorb the aromas from flowers, herbs and spices has been understood for many centuries. Of the many scents added to tea the fragrance of the jasmine blossom is one of the most captivating.

Jasmine flower buds are picked during the early afternoon and layered with the tea overnight when the jasmine buds open and release their delicate scent for the leaves to absorb. The spent flowers are removed from the tea and the process is repeated for several more nights until the desired level of blend is achieved depending on the strength of the blossoms.

No artificial flavours are added to our jasmine tea producing a natural, delicate and fragrant drink that can be enjoyed at any time.

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